Aston Villa fans debate the future of Gabriel Agbonlahor

It seems the 28-year-old's role is an issue close to Villa fans' hearts.

After Gabby Agbonlahor delivered another blunt performance against Manchester United last Friday night, it got Aston Villa fans talking.

And an article on HITC Sport suggesting Aston Villa should cut their losses on the experienced forward got them talking even more.

Indeed, it seems Agbonlahor's role at Villa is an issue close to the hearts of fans. He is loved for his loyalty to the Midlands club but pilloried for a lack of quality and a run of bad form that has lasted rather a long time now.

Some feel the 28-year-old is exploiting his image as a faithful Aston Villa servant. Others, however, believe Agbonlahor has plenty to offer out wide if Tim Sherwood was to take the hint and stop him from leading the line at Villa Park.

And, in a series of respectful, thought out and well-reasoned arguments, Aston Villa fans have been having their say on the forward in the comments section on HITC's pages. Is it indeed time for Sherwood to drop or even sell Gabby? Or does there remain a future for him with the Villans in behind (or alongside) the likes of Rudy Gestede, Libor Kozak and more?

Steve Guise wrote: 'I am a fan of Gabby, simply for the reason, that he is so loyal to Villa. However, I am also a realist and know that Gabby is past his best. It is time for him to move on!'

M5Villa wrote: 'While I agree with many of the comments regarding his performances, Gabby is Villa through and through and does not deserve insults or to be called "rubbish". I'm not suggesting he should be first name on the team sheet but please let's treat him with respect.'

Andy Fielding wrote: 'Personally I*m really bored with the " Villa through and through " thing. Im Villa through and through. So what ?? Hes a multi millionaire footballer who is simply not good enough for the Premier League. And hasnt been of any use to us since Ashley Young and Downing left. Tim Sherwood needs to urgently put Agbonlahor and us supporters out of our misery.' 

Patrick wrote: 'His the best winger/wing forward we have IMO. He is a wonderful player on the counter and a constant threat. I think swap Ayew and Gabby Friday and we would have faired a little better. I know he rathers CF but thats the challenge of being a manager. There is a game plan that gabby plays well in and thats when we are lying back and hitting on the counter. His going to be average at best for games where we decide to run with Long ball after Long ball. Each player has his strengths and Sherwood needs now to use his squad he has and only play to players strengths and use the tactics to match the opposition. Benitez type management. Gabby is a pretty good player if played in his best position and with the correct tactics IMO.'

MFD wrote: 'Gabby is a clever wait, hear me out! He's managed to fly under the radar of under achievement, whilst outliving 5 managers and earning a shed load of money in the process, all because "he's a local lad" and he's "Villa through and through". The only loyalty that has been shown here is by Villa to him. I really hope Sherwood manages to kick him up the backside and get him performing...or finally exposes the myth that is Gabby Agbonlahor.'

Steve wrote: 'Do not make gabby the problem you dont play ayew and gabby against smalling he was wining everything in the air 1 . 0 down should have took ayew and gabby off half time left sinclair on kovak and gestede and gone for it may as well loat 2 or3 but had ago putting pressure in the air on there defence'

'ESD Life Member: It should be about the club and not sentiment, but sentiment towards Gabby will always creep in an its not unwarranted because, yes, he has came through the ranks of the club to where he is now, but where he is now is not Premiership standard to be blunt about it. Eagerness and speed cannot be substituted for ability, and to be fair, an eagerness to perform and run should be the least that should be expected off a pro footballer on 50K a week!

'The reality is, when Gabby plays for us these days we're at a greater loss than gain, and to some Villa fans that may seem harsh to say, with some fans possibly suggesting, 'We stand by our lads and encourage them, so don't put them down!' but at the end of the day I'm a Villa fan and support the idea of the club over an individual player. We can and should admire those players, who in a group collective stand out for being a little bit above the rest, as well as standing by those that may not shine as great but do contribute to the team, unfortunately Gabby hasn't been in either category for some time.

'The Prem is so cut-throat now that the club being loyal to him, and that's the way it is let's not be foolish to think its the other way round, is detrimental in effect to the club going forward, whether that's on the pitch or in a more general manner. He's a squad player at best, no more to it than that.

'Gabby has never been a CF and he never will be and I think he has surrounded himself with the 'Grandeur' associated with an old number 9 and promoted himself to past managers that that's the position for him, simply put, it's not, it's really not. For any position he can play in, or would argue he can play in, we have better suited players that can now exploit defences in those positions far more than Gabby.

'End of rant. UTV. VILLA4LIFE!'

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