England cricket hero Ben Stokes poses a cheeky question on Twitter

We've all been there when nature calls...

England have regained the Ashes after 18 months of taunts and teases from our Australian cousins - it really has been pretty awful. 

However, Alastair Cook's men have managed to not only win back the Ashes, but make the Aussies look very silly in the process! The only thing is, how to celebrate winning the Ashes? Well, if you can cast your minds back to the 2013 series, you'll remember the likes of Graeme Swann and co celebrated by doing a wee on the Oval's pitch as a homage to Monty Panesar who had got himself into a spot of bother by doing the same at a night club earlier that season. 

So, with England winning the Ashes, England and Durham all-rounder Ben Stokes has posed one of the biggest questions ever on Twitter. 

What a cheeky sod! Still, nothing will top the 2005 celebrations where it appeared that Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen consumed most of London's beer and champagne supply.