Associates : which are the best paying banks in London in 2015 ? has analysed 2015 salary data from 493 associates working in London Investment banks front office.

Not much of a surprise!

As often, American banks top the chart, with salaries and bonuses above average, JP Morgan leading the way

Large bonuses deeply engrained in US pay culture

Continental banks rarely pay bonuses above £30k with UBS standing out with bonus payments overtaking Goldmans'.

Chicken and egg

To a large extent pay league tables reflect business performance league tables. Do banks pay well because they outperform and can afford it, or do they outperform because they pay well and therefore attract top talent ?

Here's the league table:

BankAverage salaryAverage bonusTotal
JP Morgan £394,000 £361,500 £3155,500
Morgan Stanley £389,000 £360,000 £3149,000
Goldman Sachs £385,500 £357,500 £3143,000
UBS £383,000 £360,000 £3143,000
Credit Suisse £395,000 £331,000 £3126,000
Deutsche Bank £382,000 £342,000 £3124,000
Citigroup £387,000 £330,000 £3117,000
HSBC £380,000 £337,000 £3117,000
Barclays £379,000 £334,000 £3113,000
BNP Paribas £376,000 £329,000 £3105,000

Source: Emolument

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