7 things a back office employee needs to be a success

Here's a note of 7 things a back office employee needs to be a success.

1. The wisdom to accept that you are unlikely to ever work in middle / front office.

2. A tough rear-end - you are going to be shouted at, blamed and verbally abused every time something goes wrong - even if it's not your fault.

3. Resilience - you will be able to deal with high work volumes and often have to work under pressure, and to strict deadlines.

4. A realistic and accepting nature - you will rarely be complimented for a job well-done, and you will certainly not be the one earning the big bucks at year-end.

5. The right attitude - you won't get very far telling your boss what you think of him / her (even though you know you are right).

6. The ability to prioritize conflicting priorities - especially if you work for more than once boss (or one boss who keeps changing his / her mind about what's urgent).

7. Strong 'political' skills - you will need to be able to effectively manage upwards. This will usually mean allowing your boss to take credit for all your good ideas.

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