Tom Cruise: I'll do Top Gun 2 if there's 'no CGI on the jets'

The actor is keen to reprise his role of Maverick in a sequel to the 1986 hit but only if the film relies on practical effects

Tom Cruise has revealed that he’s keen to star in Top Gun 2 but only if the film avoids relying on CG effects.

While promoting Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the 53-year-old star spoke about his desire to play the role of Maverick again, if all falls into place.

“If I can figure it out, if all of us can figure it out, it’d be fun to do, I’d like to fly those jets again, but we got to do all the jets practical, no CGI on the jets,” he said to Extra. “I’m saying right now no CGI on the jets. If we can figure all that out, and the Department of Defense will allow us to do it, that would be fun.”

It’s already been revealed that the film will revolve around the clash between traditional aviation and unmanned drones. Producer David Ellison also added that it will be in 3D and shot for Imax.

The script is currently being written by Justin Marks, who was responsible for Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, a film which has a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It was originally being developed by the late Tony Scott.

Reports also suggest that Cruise would like Prince Harry to cameo in the film because of his “real experience and knowledge of flying in combat”.

After the release of the fifth Mission: Impossible film, which the Guardian’s Henry Barnes called “slick with silliness”, Cruise will next be seen in Mena, as a pilot who works for the CIA and as a drug runner.

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