Conservatives still enjoying honeymoon period, suggests poll

A new Ipsos Mori poll indicates that the Conservatives are still on their ‘honeymoon’ period, following their shock majority win.

The poll gives the following results:

Polls this soon after the general election have no real indication for voting intention in the next election, but they can show what people think of the current government and opposition, and from this Ipsos Mori poll it looks as if the Conservatives are benefiting from their shock majority win.

On the other hand, Labour is in chaos, with fears from the centre of the party that Jeremy Corbyn, the most left wing of the Labour leadership candidates, could actually win and become leader of the opposition. Without a leader, the party does not know where it stands, and recent YouGov polling backs this up suggesting that most people think Labour is not clear in where it stands, whereas most people think the Conservatives are clear in where they stand.

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The poll also puts the Liberal Democrats ahead of UKIP. Perhaps this is down to the margin of error or perhaps the Lib Dems are benefiting from a new leader who will be taking the party in a clear liberal, left of centre, pro-environment, protest direction. The future trend will give a better indication of this. As for the Greens’ 8% of the vote, if there was an election tomorrow they would undoubtedly not get such a high share of the vote as many polls during the election campaign put the Greens on such a high, but they failed to get near that on polling day.

Furthermore, the poll also indicated that voters do not see much in any of the Labour leadership candidates. When asked for each of them if they would make a good Prime Minister the results were as follows:

  • Andy Burnham - 27% agreed, whilst 27% disagreed
  • Yvette Cooper 22% agreed, whilst 34% disagreed
  • Liz Kendall 16% agreed, whilst 30% disagreed
  • Jeremy Corbyn 17% agreed, whilst 36% disagreed

On one hand, these results suggest that even for the front-runner - Andy Burnham - not many people see him as Prime Minister material. This could be taken as very gloomy news for the Labour party, but two points must be made. As stated, the poll indicates that the Conservatives are on their honeymoon period, and secondly, none of the candidates have faced David Cameron directly. It’s early days and people have not seen any of the Labour candidates in the actual leadership position, something that will not happen until after the September election. The fact that so many people said they did not know could back this up.

Furthermore, the country just had an election, with months of speculation before hand, and the public may just not be interested in thinking about a Prime Minister in five years time.


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