Super Smash Bros DLC Bundle 2 review – one for the completists only

Super Smash Bros Wii U Shulk Screen 8

That a considerable batch of DLC would follow the critical and popular success of SSB was a given, but this latest mix of characters and Mii outfits still seems unnecessarily expensive.

The highlight of the pack is Ryu of Street Fighter fame who fits naturally into Smash Bros. His unique movements allow for a very technical execution, making him one of the best third-party inclusions the series has seen.

The remaining new characters, Roy and Lucas, both have similar movements to their series’ counterparts, Marth and Ness, and it’s hard to shake the feeling that they’re a bit obscure for inclusion in a major update. Fans of previous Smash games might enjoy having the roster rounded out, but it feels as if Roy and Lucas are simply there to prompt those same fans into buying the bigger pack.

Equally, at nearly half the price of the full game, unless customising your Mii fighter is the goal, it’s not particularly good value for money – buying Ryu separately will suffice.

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