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After falling to third place last week, H2K will be looking to get back on track with just two weeks left of the regular split.

H2K Last Week:

H2K would have been left furious in their game versus Fnatic. They held a 5k gold lead going into the mid game, where they have previously looked as clean as any team in EU. Hesitation cost them dearly and Fnatic found their small windows to punish H2Ks lackadaisical approach. H2K should be looking for a clearer direction if they find themselves in a similar situation.

H2Ks game versus Roccat will be of much bigger concern, they were dominated by a rejuvenated Nukeduck and again punished for their sloppy play. They were able to create their usual lead through objective based play, but slow rotations and not enough respect cost them dearly. When it became time for H2K to clutch out their dragon advantage, the same hesitation allowed Roccat a way to steal the game from under their noses. 

This Week -

H2K should have an easy week ahead, Giants and Copenhagen Wolves are not teams that should group H2K too much.

Giants Gaming:

Although Giants have been able to cause a few upsets this season, H2K should be perfectly suited to deal with their threats. PepiiNero is Giants silver lining, with great performances on poke champions Pepii is finding a meta that greatly suits his style. With Giants becoming more and more about simply feeding their midlaner and letting him run loose, a lot of attention should be focused onto the midlane.

Key Match-up: Ryu vs PepiiNero

This is Giants whole strategy at the moment, grab Pepii a safe poke champion and allow him to farm everything on the map. Giants originally got into the LCS using champions like Xerath and that is something a lot more accustomed to their style. Sadly for H2K, Ryu spent a large portion of his professional career dealing with a Korean by the name of Faker.

Ryu should be able to create more opportunities for his team as they have the stronger synergy overall. If Ryu is able to pressure Pepii in lane, it should be early curtains for the Giants.

Copenhagen Wolves:

This match is a formality. CW simply do not play at the level of H2K, their rotations are not as crisp, they skirmish far worse and relies solely on an ADC in a meta where they have become a utility based role. I expect H2K to be at least 7k ahead by the 26 minute mark and to close it before 30.

For H2K there is still plenty on the line, a second place finish would be ideal and only consistency in the last four games can secure them that chance.

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