EU LCS WEEK 8: Elements

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Currently sitting eighth in the table, Elements will be looking to rack up as many wins as possible to grab a playoff spot.

After another difficult split for the Elements line-up, we reach crunch time. With there still a chance for a spot in playoffs to be secured, is there any chance Elements can make a surprise sprint for the finish line?

Elements Last Week -

Elements got off to a great start with a win against Roccat. Elements opted for mid-game power and were able to execute to a reasonable degree. Froggen looked very comfortable on Twisted Fate and by giving Dexter more lanes to pressure, he again showed a great understanding of the early game.

Unfortunately, like most weeks, one step forward was followed by two steps back for the Elements boys. After getting a sizable lead over Unicorns of Love, Elements fell short in the mid to late game, a state of the game they were supposedly always playing towards.

All in all, it was a better performance from Elements and if they can continue their form, they could upset those above them this week.

This Week -

Copenhagen Wolves:

What a time to play this team, Elements are starting to find their ground with their new roster and come up against CW who are without question the weakest team in the league.

Elements should use this opportunity to iron out any of the problems (and there are many) they faced last week. I would like to see more emphasis on the mid-game comps they have started running. The players in their roster are all good enough to be competing at the top of the standings and can really punish CWs lack of clear strategy.

Key Match-up: Dexter vs Shook -

This has got to be the story of the game. Shook was forever hyped as one of the best junglers in EU and never quite delivered on that promise. Dexter has been all over the show but his understanding of the early game has never been questioned (well.....besides the whole CLG thing). An aggressive approach from Shook could throw Dexter off his game and cause a hesitant Elements line-up to make a mistake or two.


This will be a tough one. Fnatic are now the all-time unbeaten record holders in the LCS and will look to ride their momentum straight through to the playoffs. If Elements don't pull off the unthinkable, they will have to rely on other teams having bad weeks. If you looked at this game on paper, however, there are signs for an Elements upset. Jwaow will just sit and farm, Froggen and Febiven also both seem to approach with midlane from a more cautious mindset. 

It is in their team-fighting that Fnatic seems to be unmatched at the moment, an area Elements seems to struggle in. Froggen has always been in favour of playing split push midlaners and I think this sort of strategy could slip up Fnatic.

Key Match-up: Tabz vs Rekkles

Both of these ADCs are on fire. Rekkles is reminding everyone of his last time spent on the Fnatic roster and Tabz is continuing to grow back into a competitive mindset. With both ADs being vital part of their team's comps, we are sure to see both of them banned out this game. If the duo lanes find themselves in a 2vs2, we could be in for a real scrap.

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