EU LCS WEEK 8: Fnatic

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After another triumphant week for Fnatic, can they continue their hot streak and go a whole split unbeaten in the LCS?

Last week, Fnatic broke an LCS record by going 14 games unbeaten in a LCS split. Their dominance over EU this split has been nothing short of spectacular and they have all the momentum going into the penultimate week of the season.

Fnatic Last Week:

Fnatic had their hardest weekend possible, playing Origen and H2K back-to-back. They did falter early against both of these teams, falling behind 5k in gold at 20 minutes. H2K and Origen were both able to scrap with Fnatic early in the game, something Fnatic seemed in control of during their previous encounters.

Fnatic continued with recent trends by picking Kalista comps and allowing Rekkles to carry the game, something not possible last split with Steelback in the line-up. With the potential play book ever expanding for Fnatic, their opponents this week will have a difficult time bringing down the best in the west.

This Week -


Roccat should be riding high after defeating H2K last week. Nukeduck seems to be finally hitting his stride after his massive game on Viktor, if he can continue to put in performances like this one Roccat will be a dangerous team for Fnatic to handle. With relegations still a massive threat for Roccat, you can be sure we will see them come at Fnatic all guns blazing.

However, Roccat are still the epitome of inconsistency in EU. They finished their week 1-1 after a loss to the struggling Elements line-up. They showed a poor pick-ban phase, trying a mixture of poke/burst that never quite worked out, MR.Rallez (although talented) is yet to show us he has what it takes to be a major carry for Roccat.

Key Match-up: Nukeduck vs Febiven

All of the attention will be focused mid this game, Roccat are seemingly becoming more comfortable letting Nukeduck take all he needs in his bid to carry the team. Jankos has forever been known as the king of first blood in EU and a potential skirmish in the midlane could set Roccat in good stead. Febiven is more than capable of matching Nukeducks aggression and any advantage gained will see a huge swing in momentum for either team.


Elements are in a very similar position to Roccat, with both fighting to avoid relegation and both beginning to create an identity. Elements finished their past week 1-1 but the manor in which they won is sure to encourage any Elements fan. Froggen is starting to hit top form and the re-introduction of Nyph to the bot-lane seems to have revitalized Tabz also.

Elements still have their reputation for slow starts to games and this will be a huge crutch if this holds true versus Fnatic. Although the EU leaders seemingly slipped up last week and found themselves with a deficit, Elements will not apply the same pressure as a top three team, which may allow Fnatic an easy road to the mid-game.

Key Match-up: Huni vs Jwaow

Huni seemed to struggle last week. He played more passive laners at his team's request and seemingly overplayed his hand on multiple occasions. Jwaow has stepped up as a solid rock in the toplane, similar to Dyrus of TSM. He teleports on time, can hold his own on any tank and performs very well in team-fights.

If Huni is able to gain an early advantage top, things might snowball quickly for Fnatic. With the rest of Fnatics lanes firing on all cylinders, I can't see them being stopped. If Elements survive the first 20 minutes, they are in with a chance. They are still a solid team-fight team, and any overconfidence from Fnatic could lead to a potential win for Elements.

This week is more important for those facing Fnatic, than Fnatic themselves. They will of course be trying to continue their unbeaten record going into the last week of the regular split. Those fighting for relegation will give it their all and Fnatic will have to remain focused.

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