Columbia at DoubleTree by Hilton London Docklands Riverside

DTbH Docklands Terrace

Rotherhite becomes a destination for the Wharf's wining and dining set

I worked at Canary Wharf for years but never made it across the river to Rotherhithe. Why would I? Why would anyone? If you wanted City drinks amongst skyscrapers then you drank in the Wharf. And if you wanted riverside drinks, then you drank at Canary Wharf pier. Sorted.

But according to a PR for the Hilton London Docklands, I was missing the point. After all, she admonished, where you can get the views of the river and the skylines of both the Wharf and the City. And enjoy fine wining and dining to boot.

She has a point. After what must be the UK’s shortest ferry ride – it takes more time to board at Canary Wharf Pier and depart at the hotel’s private jetty then the ferry journey itself - the hotel feels like it should be in a much more glamorous location then South East London. Admittedly I was there for the opening party, so I’m sure it’s not every day that you’re greeted by Brazilian carnival style dancers on stilts, Caribbean steel drums, and Bollinger champagne by the bucket load. Nevertheless the stunning terrace is the perfect al-fresco spot for drinking and dining. You can also customise your order from the DIY BBQ menu where you can choose from ten different skewers (tiger prawns; rib-eye steak; sticky pork belly) cooked on your own miniature BBQ at the table and served with a choice of and sides. For cigar connoisseurs there is a dedicated cigar terrace – which apparently does not flout any of the non-smoking laws.

In what will no doubt alienate the three readers I have there, I still wouldn’t cross the river for Rotherhithe. But I just might to enjoy a barbecue and drinks with amazing riverside views. And if that’s what i was after, why wouldn’t I head to Columbia?

From * to *****

Boozing and schmoozing ****

Partying and flirting ****

Views and barbecues ****

Columbia, DoubleTree by Hilton London Docklands Riverside

265 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 5HW

Reservations: 020 7064 4461

Twitter: @columbiarest | Facebook: Columbia-restaurant | Instagram: Columbia-London