Fist-pumping Iain Duncan Smith enjoys George Osborne's living wage

Iain Duncan Smith displayed an enthusiastic reaction to news of the introduction of a compulsory living wage in the budget on Wednesday.

In a remarkable outburst of excitement, the work and pensions secretary shouted “fantastic”, pumped his fist several times, grinned broadly and nodded his agreement.

Fist-pumping Iain Duncan Smith enjoys George Osborne’s living wage

He was reacting to the announcement by the chancellor, George Osborne, that working people aged 25 and over would receive the new rate of £7.20 an hour from next April.

Duncan Smith’s actions were in keeping with the atmosphere in the House of Commons during the speech. Several times, MPs became so rowdy that the deputy speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, had to intervene and restore a modicum of calm.

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