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Currently tied second place with H2K in the summer split, Origen will be looking to take down Fnatic and Giants gaming to reach the top spot

After falling short in their game against Unicorns of Love and ending last week 1-1, Origen will be looking to bounce back to their best as they attempt to bring down the unbeaten Fnatic.

Origen last week:

A shock loss to UOL last week will put Origen on notice, this is not the time for slip ups. Having looked so dominant during the early stages of the split, Origen have shown a few weaknesses in their arsenal. Soaz looked out of sorts on Ekko and ultimately cost his team the game. Comparisons to his performances from his last season on Fnatic would be fair and it's a key area in their match against Fnatic.

They looked much better against a struggling Elements line-up. With the two titans of EU midlaners going at it once again, Peke showed he still has the edge over his oldest rival Froggen with a fantastic performance on Jayce.

This week -


The old Fnatic veterans are back again to square off against the new generation of EUs finest. Certainly one of the biggest matches this split, Origen will want to prove they have what it takes after falling short in their last encounter with Fnatic.

With Rekkles seemingly hitting top form on his Kalista, expect a different match than the one we have seen previously. Fnatic will have the edge going in, still unbeaten but showing a few mistakes vs Giants gaming. Fnatic will try to right the wrongs of last week and Origen should be ready for a backlash.

Key Match-up: Soaz vs Huni

The beasts of the toplane, EU currently seems to be heavily focused on toplane carries and there are few in the west better than Soaz and Huni. In terms of picks both have shown proficiency on Rumble, with Huni seemingly the expert on Ekko and Soaz playing very well on Fizz. Reignover tends to focus a lot more of his time to the toplane than Amazing does so Origen will have to work around that in order to keep Huni in check.


With Giants taking the game to Fnatic last week, Origen will have to be well prepared. PepiiNERO leads the split in terms of damage and Giants seem to be finding themselves just in time for the playoffs.

That being said, it should be business as usual for Origen. Their aggression in the early game could simply leave Giants too far behind to get PepiiNERO in a position to carry. With all other laners head and shoulders above their counterparts, I see Origen running away with this.

Key Match-up: Xpeke vs PepiiNERO

For Giants to get this win, PepiiNERO needs to get ahead. This is a great meta for Pepii, his Xerath during his challenger days was monstrous and with similar poke champions such as AP Ezreal and Jayce reigning supreme in EU, he is suited to make plays.

Xpeke this split seems to have taken a back seat in terms of carry responsibility. Always consistent and with the rest of the map doing so well, Peke has found himself on control mages with little room to bully his lane. His previous performance on Jayce, however, showed Xpeke is just as good as ever if needed to step up and carry his team.

This is a crucial week for Origen. Are they able to take down the mighty Fnatic, a team they have so much history with? Will they be able to break away from H2K and solidify themselves as the second place team in EU?

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