Brock Lesnar hits fan with car door on Raw


On last night's Raw, Brock Lesnar threw a car door into the crowd which hit and hurt a fan.

A fan was last night hit with a car door which Brock Lesnar threw into the ring on Raw. Sentences like that are exactly why we love professional wrestling.

In a segment where Seth Rollins was bragging about 'burning down Suplex City' after the previous beatdown of The Beast, Lesnar came down to the ring to gain some revenge on The Authority. It was the present Rollins bought his security team of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, a luxury car, which Brock wasted no time in destroying.

Lesnar tore off a door on the car and proceeded to lob it into the crowd, accidentally sending it crashing into a fan, which you can see below: 

The fan received some treatment from the infamous WWE EMT's before returning to his seat to enjoy the rest of the show in an incident which could have ended so much worse. Brock then went to do destroy Mercury and Noble before Rollins escaped through the crowd to bring an end to what was otherwise an excellent segment, and this feud is really picking up pace heading into Battleground

The fan who was hit was said to be fine when leaving the Allstate Arena and appeared to have suffered no lasting damage as WWE sent him on his way with a ton of free merchandise to compensate for the experience. WWE offered storyline injury updates on J&J Security, who were not as lucky as the fan was to escape Brock Lesnar's wrath injury free.

WWE revealed Noble suffered a broken arm after being put in the Kimora Lock and Mercury suffered a concussion after being thrown on the car. This must be seen as a ploy of Lesnar to remove all of the help Rollins has in order to reduce him to a one on one match at Battleground, which should be a tremendous match and the pair's chemistry together has bags of potential.

After heading to the back after the segment when all this carnage was caused, I'm sure a brave soul tried to have a stern talk with Brock about getting a bit carried away with the car door because it is an incident which, in hindsight, could have cost WWE millions in a law suit if more damage was caused.

Luckily, it wasn't and this fan has a legendary tale to bestow upon others!