Big backstage news on Wrestlemania 32 plans

Vince McMahon reportedly has the top six matches on the card locked in already.

According to the Wrestling Observer, although details are somewhat scarce at the moment, much of the Wrestlemania 32 card has already been decided by Vince McMahon. It is said the top six matches are a lock and top star Daniel Bryan is currently not featured in the plans for the mega PPV. This is due to the fact WWE officials are still unsure whether he will be medically cleared to compete or not, so his status could change.

WWE apparently has plans for Sting but Vince is said to be against him facing off with The Undertaker, so that match, which has been years in the making, is unlikely. It is unclear at this point if the plans regarding Sting will see him competing or being inducted into the Hall of Fame, as he does now reside in the Dallas area.

It is said the John Cena's opponent has already been decided, but that name has yet to be revealed by the WWE hierarchy, although things could soon become clearer.

WWE is still said to be keen on having the Ronda Rousey and The Rock vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon match preferably in a tag team match, but they are not completely against having two single matches. Of course, these plans depend on the UFC and if their reluctance for their top female star to compete for, in theory, a rival promotion.

This is all the information which has been revealed so far and while details are scarce, looking at WWE television at the moment could provide further clues in what direction WWE will be looking to head in. There will surely be a multi-man match in some shape or form, possibly another Money in the Bank or Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The booking of Roman Reigns will also be interesting and it remains to be seen if WWE will try to atone for their error they made with him last year. Of course, the Royal Rumble PPV later in the year will provide the real skeletons behind the Wrestlemania card, but bare in mind Vince is said to be serious about bringing in some star names to sell out the event.