Batman: Arkham Knight review

Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight describes itself as the “conclusion to the Arkham trilogy”, conveniently ignoring the less well received Arkham Origins, which was admittedly by another developer. In this outing, Batman gets new body armour and a redesigned Batmobile, which is a Swiss Army knife-style problem-solver that pulls down walls and doors and even chips in with rubber bullets during fights.

It’s also got a mini-gun and cannon for dispatching the legions of unmanned drone tanks that infest Gotham City, letting you blow stuff up without breaking Batman’s no-killing rule.

It looks gorgeous, the perpetual night complemented by beautifully realised gothic architecture, but the 1980s Chuck Norris movie-grade script and mostly cheesy voice acting do little to bring the atmosphere to life. Still, pretending to be Batman has never been so exciting, and this is a well-constructed finisher for what remains the best superhero franchise ever.

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