Which Labour leadership candidate is doing best on the Twittersphere?

Twitter followers are no indicator of who will win the leadership race, but they do show how many people are interested in each candidate.

Social media is now a vital tool for all political campaigns - so who has the most followers?

4th - Liz Kendall

8.7k followers. The betting markets have her in with a shot of becoming Labour, but the 2010 in-take MP does not even have ten thousand followers, a lot less than the next MP on the list. One reason for this is that she is rather new compared to the others who have been MPs for much longer periods of time. But one might think that with the leadership campaign she would be gaining a lot more followers. Nonetheless, if she does not win she is getting her name out there and could be someone significant in the future.

3rd - Jeremy Corbyn

48.1k followers. Jeremy Corbyn has a lot more followers than Liz Kendall. As mentioned already he has been an MP for a lot longer. He also appears to have mobilised a large contingent of the left of the party. Corbyn likely will not win, but it would be surprising if he did come last in the first preference vote. He has a large following - both on Twitter and in the real world.

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2nd - Yvette Cooper

68.9k followers. Cooper has been around for a while and having been a government minister she will of course have a large following on Twitter. Cooper has a chance of winning and social media could be vital.

1st - Andy Burnham

79.3k followers. At almost 80,000 followers Andy Burnham is doing well on Twitter, reflecting his showings in the betting markets which tend to give him the best odds.


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