If Greece can’t pay it should leave the Euro, suggests poll of Brits

European Union

A new YouGov poll has found some very interesting results regarding Greece and the Eurozone.

One of the questions asked was:

“If Greece does not continue to pay back its debt to Europe on the terms initially agreed to, do you think Greece should be forced to leave the Eurozone (the collection of countries who use the Euro), or should be allowed to remain a member?”

Overall, 46% said the country should leave the single currency if this was the case, whilst 25% said it should be allowed to remain a member. 29% said they did not know.

Excluding don't knows this becomes 65% in favour of the country leaving and 35% in favour of it staying.

However, looking deeper into the results in terms of party results shows an interesting arrangement.

  • UKIP supporters were most in favour of Greece leaving, with 73% it should be forced to leave in that situation.
  • Lib Dem voters were 42%-28% for it leaving.
  • Conservative voters were also strongly for it leaving if it could not pay (58%-19%).
  • However, Labour voters were most sympathetic the country remaining a member of the Eurozone. 36% of Labour voters thought it should be allowed to remain, whilst 31% said it should be forced to leave. A further 33% said they did not know. Labour voters are clearly divided on the issue.

When voters were asked about reducing Greece’s debt and renegotiating repayment, Labour voters were also the most in favour of reducing the debt and renegotiating (49%) as opposed to 29% thinking the country should do it on the original terms. For the other parties the plurality of voters thought the latter.

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Overall, for this question 36% said there should be renegotiations and a reduction in debt, whilst 44% said the original terms should be kept.

The poll comes ahead of a referendum in Greece on Sunday where the Greeks will be asked to accept of reject a package of reforms.

Sunday’s referendum will be crucial for the Eurozone’s and potentially the EU’s future. British voters do not have a direct voice in the referendum, but its very interesting to know where people voting for different parties stand.

The YouGov survey was made up of 1,543 GB adults and conducted between the 30th June and 1st July. Read the full results here.


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