What are the odds of making it to MD ?

Emolument.com has analysed Data from 11,500 banking professionals working in London

How many analysts will become MDs?

How Many Analysts Will Become MDsOdds are that analysts will make it to Director level: Most bankers should reach Director-level, (60% of all analysts and associates); but watch out, this high probability is also linked to the fact that a majority of bankers never move beyond that level of seniority (25% of Directors have more than 15 years of experience, and will likely never make it to the MD level)

Director to MD level is where the toughest selection process occurs: Only one third of Directors will eventually become MDs, ie, only 2 out of 10 Analysts/associates

Aiming for MD positions is a risky, long term bet… On average, graduation to MD level takes 14 years, with only 2 out of 10 chances of it ever happening

Dreaming of the top? Only 5 % of MDs make it past this level, to C-suite jobs: 1% of analysts and associates!

How long will it take?

How Long Will It Take Table

Alice Leguay from Emolument.com said: 'In Banking, the pay bonanza really kicks in at MD level where pay is on average 2x that of Directors. Even if it occurs 14 years into a banking career, such a bump up in remuneration would have most bankers attempting to stick around. As the pyramid narrows at the top, many Directors are encouraged to 'spend more time with their families' rather than keep rising through the ranks. It is rare that MDs make it on business performance alone as it takes managerial skills and wide political backing to earn that coveted nomination'.

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