LPL: LGD vs Qiao Gu Game 1

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Chinese League of Legends 2nd place Qiao Gu take on last season's runner-up LGD.

Team Comps:

LGD continue their trend of double tear compositions with Varus mid and an Ezreal AD carry. They are looking for a 13-20 minute power spike with their semi-poke/hard engage options to force Qiao Gu away from to snowball their lead. Qiao Gu (on red side) do a great job of answering with a kite centric based composition. Ekko jungle seems to be the most successful iteration of the champion in China as his Parallel Convergence offers great zone control and mixed with a Viktor midlane QG have drafted a comp with great mobility and the potential to punish LGDs none mobile midlaner.

Early game:

LGD initiates a lane swap, looking to push down towers to generate quick gold for their double AD carries. However, Swift manages to pick up first blood in the jungle allowing Qiao Gu to slow the pace of the map and pick up the first dragon. LGD decides not to push toplane down instead it would seem trying to gain enough gold for Manamune on Ezreal allowing for faster stacking into the mid-game. Qiao Gu responds very well to the slow pace of the map and contests LGD on their second buff rotation at both their own and LGDs red buff, eventually losing their own but maintaining some vision as to not allow DoinB to get dove from topside jungle. The only potential mistake QG makes in this early game was an over investment into pinks that they eventually could not protect.

10:00 in and Acorn has gained a 20cs advantage due to V rotating with his team rather than farming.

10:30 GodV finds a solo kill onto TcT. fortunate timing as DoinB had gained a 20 CS lead and began pressuring the midlane turret.

11:10 Great read from LGD. Understanding that TcT had previously been trying to set up vision for a dive top LGD try to bait an engage from QG but unfortunately still lose out in a 3vs2 with eventually leads to QG gaining second dragon buff.

13:30 LGD set up a siege midlane, this is their power spike and their compositions main strength. They catch out TcT with poke, however Imp over commits forcing LGD to back away from the tower.

Mid Game:

17:00 LGD again set up a siege mid but cannot finish off the tower, Ekko's Parallel Convergence comes in to play a lot when protecting these towers forcing LGD to respect the engage.

19:18 Imp gets caught pushing bot-lane out too far seemingly giving 3rd dragon over to QG, however a great steal from TBQ stops the immediate dragon threat. LGD still lose 3 in a 4vs5.

20:45 Mid-lane finally falls in favor of LGD, a whole 7 minutes since they initially pressured it. This should spell massive trouble for the comp as their power spikes are close to being over.

24:00 LGD make a teleport play toplane onto V with 5 members rotating, however they fail to see the wave botlane and are forced to recall rather than siege, this ends up costing them their own tower instead. This was a big misplay of their composition, with such small windows of strength they need to force down towers at all costs and in the worst case scenario trading towers is still the better play.

26:00 LGD try to rush down a drake allowing for QG to set up a dragon fight however they wish, DoinB manages to steal dragon with his chaos storm as the fight breaks up ending with a three man gnar ult from V.

Late Game:

29:30 TcT again gets caught warding, however QG have the pressure and captialise with a mid inner. LGD tries to answer with a baron rush but swift manages to get in for the steal. As the fight breaks out GodV is close to turning it for LGD but an amazing play from TcT and DoinB keeps them alive. Besides some sloppy play towards QG goes on to take the game pretty decisively.

Story of the game: 

LGD just failed to play out their composition correctly, as a poke comp with hard engage they should not have been trying to rush objectives such as dragon and baron constantly. Qiao Gu played their own picks very well and demonstrated just how difficult locking down Ekko and Viktor can really be.

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