CEO 2015: The Bounty bounty

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Screen 11

CEO this past weekend played host to some of the best fighting game players in the world.

Yet in an environment filled with the best talent on this earth, one man remained so dominant that the $250 bounty placed on his head seemed more like an insult, than an actual incentive. That young man is Gonzalo "Zero" Barrios, the worlds best Smash Wii U player.

Before the weekend began Alex Jebailey, the founder of Community Effort Orlando, wrote on his twitter - "For Smash WiiU at , I'm gonna go ahead and put a $250 bounty on @ZeRoSSB. If you eliminate him completely, I'll give you $250."

A lot of pressure to put on a single player's shoulders, yet the history of Zero in Smash Wii U speaks for itself, He has dropped one set in the entire life span of the game.

Zero's dominance Smash Wii U is quickly become an unstoppable train and with no end in sight, it is very possible we see Zero dominate in a similar manor to that of Justin Wong during the MVC2 scene.

A big statement to make but Zero seems to be playing a different game from the rest. He punishes harder, moves faster and his understanding of the neutral game is all at a level above his peers. Nairo, who many consider to be one of his closest combatants, got stomped. PG ESAM, considered the best Pikachu in America, looked miles behind also.

But with EVO right around the corner and no challengers in sight, how big can the bounty rise for Zero?

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