CEO 2015: TSM Leffen

TSM Leffen

Over the past 12 months, the smash melee scene has had a renaissance.

With massive publicity over 2013's EVO inclusion, where the smash community raised over $90,000 dollars for charity, Melee has become one of the main events at fighting game tournaments across North America. Now, as we approach this year's Evolution, it would seem Melee has a new frontrunner for the title.

William "Leffen" Hjelte is no new face in the Melee community. He has historically had a bad rep in his own native of Sweden and also in the US.

Painted as a villain figure because of his outspoken nature, Leffen has consistently been an underdog throughout his career. Do not get me wrong, in terms of play, Leffen has always had his props.

Being one of the only players in recent years to truly challenge the 5gods, Leffen has always been a threat to many. With his Victory at B.E.A.S.T 5 last year over Armada, Leffen left players reconsidering the 5gods claim....should it become 6?

This weekend TSM Leffen (his first major win under his new banner-men) won his first Major in the USA. Beating Armada twice in winners and grand finals, Leffen truly looked a level above his countrymen. Armada had previously made light work of Cloud 9's Mango and Team Liquid's Hungrybox and seemed to be playing his usual ruthless best. Yet their sets together showed a clear advantage on the side of Leffen. He was playing a level above this past weekend and it will have put everyone else on notice.

Was Leffen's impressive display simply be a one off? Were the likes of Mango, Hungrybox and Armada just having a bad day? 5Gods await Leffen at Evolution 2015 and it is very possible we walk away from that weekend knowing their is a 6th.

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