Evangeline Lilly negative about Ant-Man comics

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Ant-Man's female lead says that the comics are "crap".

Evangeline Lilly may have put her foot in it by saying the source material for her latest movie, Marvel's Ant-Man, is "total crap". Not a good idea when you're trying to promote a movie that should be a blockbuster.

Speaking to Collider she said that the comics where "total crap", going on to say that she didn't reference them when bringing her character to the big screen.

Fans of the comics looking forward to the movie will no doubt find these comments both insulting and worrying, after all how can you bring one of the lead characters to life if you dislike the only source to learn from?

The comments came after Collider asked her if she had used the comics to develop her character.

She responded "No, it wasn't. I am still trying to figure out how to get my hands on original Ant-Man comics, where you get them.

I've been given a couple recent Ant-Man comics. No offence Marvel, but they are total crap. I really want to read the original ones, because I got through two and I was like, dude, you can't force-feed me another one of these magazines. It was terrible. But Janet's not in them, and neither is Hank and neither is Scott. It's just a completely different fabrication. So if anybody has any old Ant-Man comics they want to lend me…"

Whilst her comments may only be negative toward the later incarnation of Ant-Man the fact that she hasn't even read the originals is surely a cause for concern to fans.

Ant-Man will be released in cinemas on 17th July 2015.


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