Big Show makes shocking backstage revelations


Big Show admits he doesn't even know if he is a heel or face these days.

It is a running joke among WWE fans about the status of Big Show, trying to decipher if he is playing the role of a good guy or the giant henchman as a heel.

In his near 20-year WWE run, Show has been turned heel and face at little or no notice so many times that it has left the WWE Universe rather confused as to how they should receive him.

In a recent podcast with Chris Jericho, the man himself revealed he is none the wise either.

He said: "I've done so much flip-flopping sh-t, I'm still dizzy. I wake up and go 'am I a good guy or a bad guy today?' Do I smile like a goofball, or look like I haven't had a crap in two weeks?"

As soon as a star's entrance music hits, fans normally know weather to give them a positive or negative reception depending on what is going on in the storylines, but this is quite impossible when it comes to the Big Show.

He added: "16 years, I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. One week I'm in a Pee Wee Herman outfit, then the next week I'm cutting these intense heel promos, then the next week I'm crying in the ring."

At a time where the lines between heel and face are blurred at the best of times, consider John Cena and Roman Reigns' recent crowd reactions as testament to that, WWE are doing their giant no favours at all.

Big Show is currently in a feud with Ryback and The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship and is actually a heel at the moment, well... we think.

Throughout his career, Big Show has been subjected to some rather humiliating WWE storylines all for the sake of the television programme so it should not be too much to ask for Show to be given some clear direction for his character.

These comments will not be happy reading for Vince McMahon as there has also been recent frustration among the creative team about WWE showing little continuity in their storylines.

Hopefully this will help WWE sort out this issue because if talents do not know exactly what role they are playing, how are the audience supposed to become emotionally engaged.