Top WWE star Dolph Ziggler possibly leaving soon


It is believed that WWE star Dolph Ziggler is seriously considering his future.

Dolph Ziggler is one of the most over, yet relatively unsuccessful WWE stars on the roster today. The 'Show Off' has been knocking on the WWE main event door for several years but it appears that he has not been afforded the trust to lead the company forward as one it its top stars.

Ziggler has received several stop-start pushes in the past which have yet to secured Ziggler's place in the upper echelon of the WWE hierarchy, where he undoubtedly belongs. 

While it is no secret that Ziggler has been unhappy in WWE for a while, mainly due to this treatment, it is now believed that he is looking to actively leave the company when his contract is up in a few months. 

During a episode of MLW Radio, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer commented on the rumour, comparing Ziggler's situation to that of former WWE star John Morrison who now works for Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo.

Bauer said "Dolph's deal is up in a few months and he has indicated informally that unless he gets a big push, he may leave like Mundo."

The frustration Ziggler must be feeling is completely understandable as he is not only one of the most over stars on the roster, but he is also one of the top performers night in and night out. Considering his background as a stand up comedian too, it appears WWE do not have the belief in Dolph to implement his mic skills on WWE TV.

When Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Alberto Del Rio for his second reign - his first lasted just 11 minutes - on the Raw after Wrestlemania, it was widely expected that Ziggler would kick on from that point and become a big player in the company. 

However, after suffering concussions, the decision was made for Ziggler to drop the title after just 69 days as champion back to Alberto Del Rio in a brutal match which established Ziggler as a fan favourite.

Since that moment, despite some promising occurances here and there, Ziggler has not really achieved anything of note to further establish his position in the company, not through lack of trying however,

Several WWE legends have expressed their confusion over Ziggler's current position in the company so this frustration he is feeling is completely understandable and been building up for quite a while.

The question that remains to be answered is whether WWE value Dolph Ziggler enough to give him a push as a compromise to keep him on board because these reports claim Ziggler is certainly not content to remain in the same position he currently occupies.