What's Hot In the City: The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co

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Founder Joseph Chakra was convinced of the need for a British sourced frozen yoghurt offering, which emphasises provenance, quality, and British tradition

The capital’s newest independent frozen yoghurt parlour, The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co., opened its doors on Brick Lane in Shoreditch this week, proudly serving thick and creamy British-sourced fat-free frozen yoghurt. Frozen yoghurt lovers can be as virtuous or extravagant as they like, with a choice of fat free frozen yoghurts topped with sauces, fresh fruits, confectionary and crumbled classic biscuits.

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Whether you prefer Jammie Dodgers®, Pink Wafers, Bourbon creams, Party Rings®, ‘squashed fly’ Garibaldis, Sloane Bros will offer an ever changing selection of both contemporary and old-fashioned British biscuits and other toppings, ideal as an elevenses or refreshing afternoon treat.

Whilst on international business assignments in various markets, founder Joseph Chakra observed a well-deserved deep appreciation for British quality, especially in food and dairy.

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Joseph has partnered with a number of carefully selected partners and independent producers to ensure that The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt is the ultimate guilty pleasure which promises quality and indulgence served up with a genuine passion and an overriding sense of fun.

Sloane Bros 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA