Baseball star Pablo Sandoval caught liking model's photo during a game

Pablo Sandoval likes Models

Boston Red Sox star gets himself into a spot of bother with in-game activities.

Some athletes drink energy drinks to keep their performance levels up, others decide to pop off to the bathroom and have a look at an Instagram model – excellent. 

Over in the US of A, Boston Red Sox's third baseman (nope, no idea either...) Pablo Sandoval decided to do the latter and got caught with his pants down by one eagle-eyed fan who noticed that a professional athlete was liking photos of a rather dashing model while his team were losing to the Atlanta Braves. 


A photo posted by @diva_legacy on

The model, named 'Diva Legacy', was enjoying her Sunday so much she decided to post an eye-popping photo which certainly caught the attention of Sandoval, who had nipped off to the loo (we don't want to why what he was up to). With Boston losing to Atlanta 5-2, the blame quickly turned to the cheeky Venezuelan who recently signed a five-year deal worth $95M.

The team were quick to act and dropped the 28-year-old to the bench where he can happily trawl the internet for as many models as he pleases. Speaking after his suspension, Sandoval told the Boston Globe: “I know I [messed] up. I made a mistake yesterday so I learned from that. I’m a human being; I make mistakes. I apologised to my teammates and the organisation.”

Well, that's all right then. Take this as a warning Premier League footballers, you will get caught if you're up to no good!