Street Kitchen - designer sandwiches enters the mainstream

Broccoli Sandwich

gourmet 24-inch sandwiches are made using a selection of bespoke breads

Who would put broccoli in a sandwich? As it happens I love broccoli, and even in my carb-counting lifestyle I love a good sandwich. But I wouldn’t put them together. Ever.

But then again, I’m not a critically acclaimed chef, unlike the dynamic duo Mark Jankel and Jun Tanaka - the driving force behind the Street Kitchen.

Street Kitchen 1

For those of you who have never had the pleasure, Street Kitchen has been selling to their own take on boutique sarnies to City folks from not one, but two vintage airstream caravans for the last few years. I’ve tried Broadgate Circus and there have been queues around the block. The wait has been worth it, as beautifully baked breads, with a perfectly balanced mix of fillings and the most fragrant and flavoured of dressings.

Street Kitchen have now taken the next step and opened their first permanent shop in the remodelled Broadgate Circus. The Kitchen will specialises in 'slow food, fast' – making locally sourced ingredients accessible on-the-go. Served 'by the inch', the gourmet 24-inch sandwiches are made using a selection of bespoke breads and seasonal fillings including slow-roast-pork, rare roast beef, lobster rolls and ... char grilled broccoli.

They will also offer breakfasts and a selection of salads for the carb-less ones among us. But in case you were wondering. What does broccoli taste like in a sandwich? Well with the Jankel and Tanaka treatment, it comes with free range eggs, smokey mustard mayo, and pickles on focaccia. This vegetarian version is simply divine. Arguably the best and most innovative sandwich I’ve tasted in a long time. I’m not sure that the guys invented it. I’m not sure that it matters. I never thought I’d even attempt to put broccoli in a sandwich. Now, I just might.

From * to *****

Breads of heaven ****

Fillings me softy ****

Partying and flirting **

Street Kitchen Broadgate Circle

Kiosk 2 – 42 Broadgate Circle, EC2M 2QS @streetkitchen

Opening times: Monday – Friday, 7am to 9pm