Ex-WWE star Sean Waltman attacks TMZ over Dusty Rhodes report


Former WWE star Sean Waltman has hit out at TMZ over a distasteful post about Dusty Rhodes.

The wrestling world is still reeling over the death of one of its most prolific minds in the form of Dusty Rhodes who passed away this past week at the age of 69.

Rhodes' funeral was held yesterday and practically everyone connected to the industry came out to pay their respects for one of the most loved figures to ever work in the business.

However, TMZ recently released a very controversial and distasteful audio report titled 'Dusty Rhodes 911 -- Panicked Wife Begs for Help ... Operator Sounds Annoyed.'

Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac back in his WWE days, responded with this statement:

Dear @TMZ & @HarveyLevinTMZ,

I have defended you to critics & Twitter followers when they say you're not a legit news source. If you weren't, so much of the media wouldn't be citing you as their source for stories. I never minded any story you've reported on me, as I take responsibility for my actions & accept the consequences. That being said, Myself & I dare say countless others are completely disgusted with your policy of releasing 911 calls from families desperately pleading for someone to save their loved one. The recent release of the 911 Call from the family of Dusty Rhodes & the release of Ric Flair's 911 call when his son Reid died is shameful & sickening. You can defend it as being newsworthy, but in reality you're just feeding the sickening thirst for this kind of voyeurism in today's society. The late, great Randy Savage's father(also deceased) Angelo Poffo, who wrestled as The Mi$er had a saying that went "Where money lies, Honor dies." Is there really that much money made by airing these calls, so your followers can hear these people at arguably the worst moments of their lives? Maybe there is enough money in it for you to trade in your honor. I'm usually a fan, but completely disgusted by your lack of discretion.

Truly, Sean Waltman

Many WWE fans will be echoing Waltman's sentiments here as it is a obscene abuse of privacy to post and try to profit off such a phone call, especially for someone like Dusty who has clearly touched so many peoples' hearts in WWE.

Dusty is renowned as one of wrestling's ultimate good guys and he has played a key role in shaping the WWE we see now after doing a lot of work with the guys down in NXT. Stars such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor have all benefited from the tutelage of Rhodes, which leaves the industry in good shape moving forward. 

At the time of writing the cause of Dusty's death are still unknown but as noted above, he was working up until his untimely passing, explaining why the news came as such a shock to everyone.

Dusty also leaves two sons behind, Cody Rhodes and Goldust and such a report from TMZ must have been hard for them to take after already going through such a tough time.