Top five WWE stars to never win the World Title, including Roddy Piper and Curt Hennig


Winning the World Championship in WWE means you've made it and the company trusts you to represent it, here are the top five stars to never win the big one.

5) Shelton Benjamin

Maybe considered a controversial choice by some but considering the sheer athleticism Benjamin possessed - easily the most athletic to have ever graced WWE - many fans believed it was only a matter of time before Shelton reached the summit. Considering he came up with Brock Lesnar and had Kurt Angle as a tutor in his early WWE days, it is hard to gauge why officials dropped the ball with Shelton. At the most promising point in his career, Shelton scored three clean pinfall wins over Triple H on Raw but was soon squashed and given an awful gimmick where his 'Mamma' would enter into the storyline and help him win mid card matches. Despite a late resurgence in his career with the 'Gold Standard' gimmick, there would be no coming back from this awful bit of booking.

4) Scott Hall

Scott Hall was always surrounded by World Champions throughout his career; Diesel, aka Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels but he never had a run with the belt himself. Easily more over than his best friend Nash and a better in ring performer, Hall was primarily used as someone to groom younger talent and get them ready for main event runs. In his run as Razor Ramon he will go down as one of the best Intercontinental Champions of all time but he left for WCW which meant he never fulfilled his potential in the company. Hall also failed to win the World Title in WCW, but sadly it could be argued that was due to conflicted priorities as he still fights an alcohol addiction.

3) Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Quite simply, one of the greatest heels to ever step foot in a WWE ring and one of the best psychological ring workers to work in the business period, it is mind boggling to wonder why Roberts never won the big one. Although he had some huge feuds during his run with The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage, it appeared that WWE never had complete confidence in Jake. His character was superb, a man with a very cold demeanour who found common-ground with snakes, so good that many WWE stars today still refer to him as inspiration for their careers and characters.

2) 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

The only man who fans can really agree was better than Jake 'The Snake' Roberts at playing a heel was 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper who can easily go down as the best bad guy of all time. To give an idea of just how popular Piper was, he main-evented the first ever Wrestlemania, teaming up with Paul Orndorff to face off against Mr T and Hulk Hogan. Piper was so good as a heel that we always hear great heel superstars of today citing him as an influence in their careers. Despite this, WWE never gave Piper the full backing to represent the company as their World Champion.

1) 'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig

Often regarded as the best in-ring performer to ever lace them up, Curt Hennig was never afforded anything more than a superb Intercontinental Title run. Hennig was not just a stereotypically good performer, he was incredible on the mic, had a good look and it seemed like he was the total package for WWE to get behind and push as a star of the business. It could be argued that Mr Perfect had crossover appeal and could have reached more people than WWE could as a company. Possibly most impressive, while Hennig was best as a cocky heel, you still couldn't help but like him because he was so incredible in the ring. It's just a crying shame that WWE did not realise the scope of the star they had at their disposal at the time.