Bad Dinos review – a novel spin on tower-defence games

With Jurassic World about to hit cinemas, the toothy reptiles are sure to regain some of the popularity they may have lost in the years since Steven Spielberg’s original dinosaur romp.

Hence, then, Bad Dinos, an attempt to put a novel spin on the creaking tower-defence genre – with some success.

The usual formula of placing weapons around a curling course to destroy herds of roaming raptors/T rex/insert your carnivore of choice, before they can escape is present and correct, as are the special powers to help you when the cold-blooded menace is too much to handle. The twist is the ability to ensnare some of the beasties, train them and then target them back on their scaly friends. It adds a tactical nuance to a style of game that can often become terribly repetitive. Rather than just blasting at whatever comes on to the screen, now there’s a decision about which type of creature to spare, catch and brainwash and when to release them to maximum effect.

The most fun, of course, is to recreate the end of the original Jurassic Park, capturing a tyrannosaurus, before setting it loose upon the always unpleasant velociraptors. Spielberg would be proud.

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