Legend launches scathing attack on current state of wrestling

Jim Ross launched a scathing attack on the current state of the professional wrestling industry.

Jim Ross is easily one of the best commentators to ever grace WWE as well as one of the most loved personalities among fans, and although he may not longer be working in the industry, he is never one to shy away from offering his opinion on the current product.

Using his blog as a platform to reach fans, J.R offers similar commentary from that we came to enjoy back in his career on topical events throughout the wrestling world. Ross' latest blog entry is a no holds barred, damning assessment of where wrestling promotions are going wrong today.

“I’ve said here many times that I hope that all wrestling promotions are successful and make it through their respective rough waters that many are currently encountering," he writes.

"Nonetheless, some within these organizations can’t handle constructive criticism and seem to take some things that I say personally which is both childish and unprofessional.

"It is my prerogative to criticize bad acting, over scripted promos, no selling major moves, illogical creative and other eye rolling creative content in an attempt to re-invent what isn’t broken. I think that I’ve paid my dues, earned a decent track record within the biz and, above all, I am still a fan of over 50 years."

Ross focused much of his criticism on his former long-time employees, WWE saying "The vast majority of wrestlers these days are not good promo talents. Reason being is that creative staffs seemingly have to justify their existence by role playing with these individuals and scripting virtually every word that the talents say. That system is both outdated and unproductive as fans today can recognize a wrestler reciting a promo from memory instead as from their heart within a few sentences."

A lot of the points Ross is making will resonate with fans who miss the days when stars would be made organically and the crowd would pick who should be over based on their personality, as it appears that WWE now have their minds made on who should become the faces of the company regardless of how their audience feels about them.

Roman Reigns is a prime example of falling victim to this mentality as he is someone who should be a future main eventer but being forced down the audience's throats actually turned them against him and his scheduled big Wrestlemania moment was nixed. 

It is also the manner of this approach which is bothering Ross as superstars no longer go off the cuff when delivering a promo and are almost mechanically told what to deliver to the crowd. However, It is clear that Ross does have wrestling's best interests at heart as he concludes: 

"Wrestling is best when it comes from a logically, realistic place and is executed inside the ring as an athletic contest built on common sense and not an acrobatic show that exposes the business as a sham with no selling and the complete lack of some talent’s ability to properly apply an actual wrestling hold.

"The faster some talent perform the louder that they tell us that their skill set is lacking and that they are trying to get by on sensationalism instead of realism.

"I get taken to task because of my 21 years in WWE as if I’m picking on the TNA’s, ROH’s, Lucha Underground’s, etc of the world when nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve dedicated 40+ years of my life to the wrestling business, proudly I might add, and would do it all over again if the opportunity presented itself. But that isn’t going to happen. I want the business to be healthy and to prosper long after I’m gone for future generations to enjoy. At the rate of some of the things that I’m watching each week on TV are happening, I’m not sure sure that’s going to occur."