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Leeds United fans debate Tommaso Bianchi's future - is there hope yet?

Leeds supporters have been discussing the Italian's place in the side.

Over the weekend, HITC Sport took a look at whether Italian midfielder Tommaso Bianchi could break into Uwe Rosler's side at Leeds United 

The 26-year-old was a regular fixture for Leeds at the start of last season, impressing with some standout performances. His best was arguably the Yorkshire derby against Sheffield Wednesday, when he pulled the strings from midfield.

Bianchi faded away, however, and struggled to break back into Neil Redfearn's team. Once he was restored to the starting XI, he was unfortunate enough to sustain a season-ending injury, leaving his future role within the Yorkshire side in the balance.

Will Rosler use him as a starter, a squad player, or not at all?

Leeds have a number of options already in midfield: Luke Murphy, Alex Mowatt, Lewis Cook and more. There is also the lesser used Chris Dawson and the small matter of any signings Rosler himself wants to make - with rumours suggesting plenty of names so far this summer.

So is there any room for Bianchi? In the comments section of HITC's articles, several Leeds fans have been debating just that...

Chris wrote: 'on the bench only..and what we have now isn't going to be enough either..we need two Midfielders play-maker and a solid one in central midfield. we need to change the shape of the midfield with wingers on both side pushing and pressing and crossing balls in and running fast with quick breaks also....i believe that the three upfront will work if you have the right combo of players.4/3/3'

Rob66Leeds wrote: 'He was much more suited to the right side of midfield, and look very promising. He was then asked to play a holding role and is obviously too lightweight for that position. He looked like he could see a pass, but will probably not get a look in with Byram playing a more forward role. MOT'

Darrell wrote: 'I'm confident that one out of Bianchi, Doukara or Sloth will thrive under the new coach and put last season behind them'

Shaun wrote: 'People slate Bianchi but those stats prove he is a decent player........... Oh its because he's one of Cellino's'

Karl M wrote: 'If our young lads are going to develop into the new Bremner,Giles and Batty and we all hope they do, don't we? Then they need to play, it is a difficult trick to pull off, getting the lads to develop and maintaining a promotion push. We need wingers and experience do we??? so where do the young lads play? We can't play Cook Mowatt Murphy and Byram and Phillips and what about Dawson??? If we are playing New players as well. I think we should stick with the midfield we have apart from a left winger, play Charlie at left back then we just need a good centre back a better right back and a striker. I hope Walters can be that striker, we will see.

'The flaw in this is that the kids might not be good enough straight away, Don Revie was allowed time, he

'took about 3 years to gradually grow the quality in the squad and all the time his youngsters were getting better and better. Will any one be given time under Massimo???'

Chris wrote: 'personally the Youth are not ready yet..some of them are, yes, Mowatt and Byram should always start and cook used sometimes as back-up till he gains more experience..there are a few out there available on the market if Leeds get hold of them then we gain experience which we need..of course it a squad game so we can change the teams sometimes but not too often. Cook could well be ready but ill let Rosler decide that lol..but we definitely need to be a much more Attacking side,strong defense..and of course,if you have a good midfield your going to get goals because they are the real key element ...they will provide enough chances we will score goals..my philosophy is simple,as long you score more than you concede it good! i think Rosler will be a good manger personally with the players he already have,he will get the most out of them. we definitely need to add another striker but i just hope Sharp will find his form because me personally i still have faith in that player..given the opportunity from midfield he could be the best player we have up-front,,he's a poacher also..he needs to rediscover his form then he will score plenty'

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