Unfortunate email banker said to have lost two jobs in a few days

Another cautionary tale on the use of email.

The Barclays interns who received an absurd email about their upcoming summer at the investment bank may still have to provide their neckties for use as napkins, but it won’t come at the behest of the email’s sender, Justin Kwan, who, is said to have lost two jobs in a few days after his missive leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

Gawker reports that Kwan, who was a second-year analyst in Barclays’ Global Power & Utilities group, was let go by the bank on Friday, its source says.

It was not exactly an unexpected move by Barclays Kwan, though, according to Gawker's source, was set to leave Barclays at some point this summer anyway for a job at The Carlyle Group. The private equity group, however, is also thought to have withdrawn its offer.

To access the complete Gawker article hit the link below:

Source: Barclays Banker Loses Two Jobs After Leak of Insane Intern Email

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