Stone Cold has harsh warning for top WWE star Roman Reigns


Stone Cold Steve Austin has questioned the booking of Roman Reigns and believes he must turn heel to get over.

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has been the the talk of WWE news recently after sparking rumours of a Wrestlemania 32 encounter with Brock Lesnar. Now, Austin has offered his thoughts on the status of Roman Reigns and he has not been too complimentary of WWE's booking.

Roman Reigns was due to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31 against Brock Lesnar and become the new face of WWE but negative crowd reactions, particularly at the Royal Rumble which he won in front of a vocal Philadelphia crowd, nixed those plans and Seth Rollins won the title instead.

While WWE seem to be re-building Reigns with more receptive responses from the WWE Universe, Stone Cold does not believe they are doing enough to make Reigns the star he should be and offered his opinion on the matter on his most recent podcast episode.

"I stand by the fact that no matter what they do with him, he's going to have to be heel first….and they're trying to keep him babyface. I think Vince McMahon's goal is 'He's going to work as a babyface…or he ain't going to work at all.'"

Austin offered a stark warning to the WWE hierarchy if they continue to proceed down this route with Reigns, saying "He's going to flop bigger as a babyface, especially when they put him in there with other babyfaces. Like last week with Randy Orton—Orton blew him out of the water."

Although some may feel Austin is attacking Reigns, it is clear that he is more critical of the officials booking him than the former Shield star himself.

"He's a good-looking guy, successful guy and a football guy… so no one's going to question how tough this guy is. So he's a good-looking guy, but all of a sudden, you gotta throw these contacts on him and he's got blue eyes now? What's the deal with that? You don't need blue eyes. He's got brown eyes!"