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Leeds United fans discuss Massimo Cellino's transfer policy

Leeds United chairman Massimo Cellino has a strong personality, and he is not afraid to speak his mind.

During an interview with The Mirror earlier this week, the Italian entrepreneur made his views clear on how transfers should happen.

Cellino explained that managers (or head coaches) should not have the final say in player recruitment.

The former Cagliari owner also said that he likes to be in full control, making it abundantly clear that he will be calling the shots in the summer transfer window - not newly-appointed head coach Uwe Rosler.

Communication will be vital for Leeds when they look to sign players this summer, and comprises will have to be made.

Rosler will have to accept that Cellino will have the final say on player recruitment, but at the same time the Italian must take his head coach’s wishes and opinion into consideration.

Leeds fans have been discussing the transfer policy of Cellino on a number of articles published on HITC Sport over the past few days.

Below are some of the best comments.

JDC: “I'm sure MC would admit to making mistakes in the transfer market ... however, when you're allowed into the casino, you pay YOUR money at the tables and you take YOUR chance. As a manager, you're doing that with someone else's money ... so we can only hope that Massimo is true to his word, and that he, Adam Pearson and most of all, Uwe Rosler talk, and listen to each other when signing ANY player.”

Hugh: “So Cellino, to Quote a B Clough mantra, you sit down with your coach discuss a prospective signing for an hour then decide you dont want/cant afford him. you inform your coach of your decision , he takes it on the chin and you both walk away smiling, you call it compromise anyone else with half a brain would call it dictatorship. And then we end up with the turd players that we had last term. makes you wonder what we are going to end up bringing in closed season, if anyone.”

Counte of monte fisto: “The big issue is this if you look at all of the players who were a success from Cellinos method then only Silvestri, Bamba Cooper and possibly Antonucci would fall into that category. The rest another 10 or so were failures end of. The other successful players IMHO were Cook Mowatt Byram Murphy Taylor and to an extent Austin were already here. To me that ratio and our lowest league finish since relegation suggest Cellino got it wrong last year. Why would his knowledge be better this year, let the MANAGER select what players he wants agree or veto then let him get on with it. Again and againCellino proves he knows nowt about the English mentality”

Gilesy: “If any proof was ever needed that this guy talks through his backside then this is it. Just look at what he (And yes it was him) brought in last season. Dross, the lot of them ! Not one of his buys would have gotten into any of the top sides in the division. As a matter of fact theyd have been hard pressed to get into ANY other side. Let someone who knows English football do the buying you clown !!”

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