And the best banks for back office bonuses are........

Your Bonus Here has analysed 2015 salary data from 84 middle & back office VP working in Financial Services in London.

Average middle & back office bonuses by bank

Emolument: Middle & Back Office Bonuses by Bank (2015)

What a range! GS back office bonuses are 2x BNP's and 7x the lowest paying bank's (Societe Generale)

.. but it's not all about bonuses: In front office jobs, bonuses can easily equal base salaries, while for middle and back office professionals bonuses rarely add to more than 30% of total pay

Total pay packages buoyed by base salaries: At banks paying low bonuses, higher salaries are used to compensate: Nomura may pay £8,000 bonuses, but still ranks second in total remuneration

Average middle & back office bonuses and salaries by bank

Emolument: Middle & Back Office bonuses and salaries by bank (2015)

Alice Leguay from said: 'As a cost centre, Middle and Back Office doesnt command bonuses in line with front office jobs. However as the need for excellent MBO professionals has risen in the last few years, specifically in risk management and quant departments, employers now pay MBO substantial salaries, which do not lag far behind front office's'.

Source: Emolument, the salary benchmarking site

JefferiesAnd the Best Place to Work in the global financial markets 2018 is...

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