Intimate backstage CM Punk story revealed

CM Punk

Darren Young reveals CM Punk's support towards him after coming out as gay.

CM Punk may now be plying his trade in the UFC, 18 months on from slipping into retirement as a professional wrestler back in January 2014, but that doesn't mean he has been completely forgotten about in the WWE.

Darren Young, one half of the Prime Time Players tag team, brought up the Straight Edge Superstar in a recent interview with Sam Roberts on his wrestling podcast.

Young began talking about the subject of him coming out to the world, which was done "accidentally" in a interview with TMZ in an airport and since went viral, which is when CM Punk's name got brought up.

"One thing about Punk is - if I could talk about him just for a second - when he had his match with Brock Lesnar in 2013, that was a couple days before I made my announcement to TMZ," Young said.

"After his brutal match with Brock Lesnar, he was all iced up and I hadn't seen him since I made my announcement. So he came up to me in catering and he told me to stand up in front of people. I stood up, he gave me a hug, and he said 'I'm proud of you. If you ever have your problems with anyone in the locker room, you let me know and I got your back'."

Young also credited Randy Orton and Big Show, two other household names, for offering him support following the announcement.

"That meant the most to me. Every interview I do, I always tell people, that meant the most to me. Randy Orton, Big Show, they all embraced me with love and that's something that I will always cherish and never forget."

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil have the opportunity to become the number one contenders to The New Day's WWE Tag Team Championship on this Friday's episode of Smackdown.