WWE Elimination Chamber Review

Dean Ambrose leaves with the WWE Championship without officially winning it and Kevin Owens shocks John Cena and the WWE Universe.


Although WWE plugged Daniel Bryan's appearance on the pre-show, we didn't learn much more about his future, which unfortunately still remains very uncertain.

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match

It’s not a surprise that this match kicked off the evening and it certainly lived up to all expectations and got the crowd pumped for the rest of the event. We saw some incredible spots from Kalisto of The Lucha Dragons, who is quickly making a star out of himself. The match suffered a worrying moment when Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were the third team eliminated and the crowd seemed to quickly turn off altogether and lose interest in the rest of the match. It came down to The Prime Time Players and The New Day and predictably, Big E, Woods and Kofi are just too hot to drop the titles at the moment and superbly cheated their way to another victory. Despite the crowd's displeasure with Cesaro and Kidd’s elimination, there was plenty of energy and ‘This is Awesome’ chants which suggests the match more than served its purpose and solidified the rise of the tag team division.

Winners: The New Day

WWE Divas Championship match

This was a night Paige, Naomi and Nikki Bella will all want to forget as the match just never really got going and it was quite a lacklustre affair. It would be harsh to call it a botch-fest but there were plenty of key moments in the match which just didn’t go as planned. The booking was also a bit suspect as Nikki Bella continued her forgettable run as Diva’s Champion and it feels like some change is really needed in the women’s division.

Winner: Nikki Bella

John Cena vs Kevin Owens

This was the match which really intrigued fans heading into the show, there has been plenty of reason to suggest that WWE were firmly behind Owens but this encounter would really determine how serious they are with him. The match was excellent, a hard-hitting brawl from two men who we would expect nothing less from. There were multiple finishers hit and near falls had but it was to everyone’s shock that Owens hit a pop up powerbomb to nail a clean victory over John Cena! Not only that, he then cut a promo after telling Cena he was done in WWE and the new champ was here. This is a very bold move from WWE and it appears that Owens will be thrown into the mix as a main event player immediately. A future Brock Lesnar match could make a massive amount of money if WWE book it correctly, and it looks like they’re on the right path with Owens.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Neville vs Bo Dallas

This match was nothing more than filler to give the audience some relief between big matches. Neville looked impressive yet again but something tells me he could have had more of a productive night being placed in the Intercontinental Championship match which followed.

Winner: Neville

WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match

As we covered last week, Rusev was injured heading into the event and he was pulled with Mark Henry returning to replace the Bulgarian Brute. There were quite a few decent spots in this match, as you would expect, but it did feel like there were a few too many big guys involved and it lacked the presence of a risk-taking high-flyer. Indeed, it was The Big Guy Ryback who emerged victorious, hitting his Shellshocked finisher on the pre-match favourite Sheamus to begin his first run with the Intercontinental Championship, surely a feud for the title with Bray Wyatt beckons.

Winner: Ryback

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match

The main event ended in controversy which will divide the WWE Universe, but it leaves viewers wanting to stay tuned to find out how the issue will be resolved. Dean Ambrose scored a three count as a replacement referee made the count, but it was soon revealed that Ambrose only won the contest by disqualification. Despite that, Ambrose is in possession of the title and he and Roman Reigns took out The Authority post-match, creating the feeling Ambrose had gone over but Rollins is still the champion. While that does little damage to both men, fans will be intrigued to find out how this situation will pan out and the inquest will begin on Monday Night Raw tonight.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (by DQ which means Seth Rollins is still WWE Champion)

Overall, it was a solid show and Kevin Owens and John Cena was clearly the match of the night, especially the shock with Owens going over clean. The tag team Elimination Chamber match was better than the Intercontinental Championship one, which could have been better and more exciting. The main event was a solid outing and the unique finish shows WWE are serious about creating a product fans must tune in to watch every week to see what happens next.

Show rating: 3.5/5