Surprising backstage news revealed about Daniel Bryan

A former WWE writer has revealed that Daniel Bryan's first run as WWE Champion was just a lucky coincidence.

Daniel Bryan has had some awful luck when it comes to winning championships. After an incredible run which was capped of with a Wrestlemania 30 main event win, Bryan had to relinquish the title just a few months later after sustaining a serious injury.

After returning and winning the WWE Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania 31, Bryan again had to give up a title after yet another injury which has actually put his whole career in jeopardy. With a track record like this, even if he does return, WWE may be reluctant in putting any belt on Daniel Bryan through fear of him picking up another injury.

However, former WWE writer Kevin Eck has revealed in his blog that Bryan did have some good fortune earlier on in his career as he claims that his first run as World Heavyweight Champion was a result of pure luck.

Mark Henry was the man with the belt back in 2011 and he was on fire, finally fulfilling his destiny to be a top tier WWE performer. Unfortunately for Henry, he himself had accumulated his own fair share of injuries and it was decided that he would be dropping the title.

WWE officials then called Bryan on the day of the TLC show, which he had not even been booked to have been on prior, to tell him he would be required and winning the title that night. Although he had been carrying the Money in the Bank contract, there was no long term plan for Bryan to become champion at that point.

At the TLC event it was Big Show who actually beat Henry for the title but after falling victim to a post match attack, Bryan came down and cashed in the contract on Show to claim his first World Championship in the WWE.

Bryan would go on to carry the belt up until Wrestlemania where he dropped it in an infamously damaging 18 second loss to Sheamus which left fans outraged about his treatment and feeling cheated of a potentially great match between the two.

It is a strange thought process to wonder how different Daniel Bryan's career would have been had Mark Henry not got injured and been forced to drop the title, but it would have changed the landscape for sure.