WWE star Rusev injured, possibly missing Elimination Chamber

Rusev, who is scheduled for the big WWE Intercontinental Title match this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, has suffered a lower leg injury at a live event.

WWE could be losing one of their top stars for Sunday's Elimination Chamber event as Rusev suffered an injury at a live event in a match with Ryback.

Reports from the event suggest that Rusev suffered a injury to his right ankle and the match then finished in a hurry as the Bulgarian Brute sent his opponent head first into the steel ring post to give Ryback the victory via disqualification. Officials and doctors then came into the ring and assisted Rusev to the back to assess the damage done. 

Rusev had been scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental Title made vacant by Daniel Bryan on Sunday against King Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Ryback and Sheamus.

However, it looks like Rusev may be unable to compete, and if that is the case there are a few possible candidates to replace him in the match which requires six participants.

Bray Wyatt would be the obvious choice as he is not booked - his inclusion would further his rivalry with Ryback and his demonic character would thrive in the chamber.

However, it would be no surprise if we see Stardust or Neville thrown into the mix because they have been competing at this level for a while now and would not be out of place.

Possibly more of an outside bet, WWE could look to the NXT roster for their replacement, especially considering all their recent focus on the brand. Stars like Finn Balor or Tyler Breeze would be likely candidates if WWE do go down this route.