Former WCW & WWE star Bill Goldberg on nixing heel turn

Bill Goldberg say he could have been as good a heel as Brock Lesnar but felt uncomfortable letting the kids down.

Bill Goldberg was one of the biggest stars during professional wrestling's most popular period in the 90's and it was widely expected that he would lead the industry into the millennium.

With WCW going out of business and being bought by WWE, it didn't quite materialise as expected for Goldberg and he endured a rather forgettable WWE run between 2003-04.

There are always, still, rumours circulating about a potential Goldberg return and it appears he certainly still maintains a fanbase holding out for an epic appearance in the squared circle. While Goldberg was a solid fan favourite throughout his career as a professional wrestler, the former American Football player opened up about a brief period of portraying a bad guy in WCW.

Speaking with Mark Suleymanov of The Inquisitr, Goldberg said: "Oh man, did I want to be a heel. I would have been the best Bruiser Brody'ish, bald, freaking monster anybody would have been. People think Brock [Lesnar] is good as a heel, oh man. They turned me one time in WCW in Baltimore, the night before I wrestled Hacksaw Jim Duggan and he just got over surgery and he had cancer. I had to go out and blast him and had a Make-A-Wish girl in the back, with cancer.

"So I come back after the match and she's in tears, wrestling is wrestling, I get it, the good, bad and evil and trying to storyline people in and out of what they think is going to happen. But I wasn't going to do that.

“I failed as a wrestler in that I didn't turn heel but I think I won as a human being.

"Because if there is one girl or one kid that thinks less of me and doesn't idolise me because of the fictitious stuff I've done in the ring in a negative fashion, I don't want to risk that. I didn't reach the level I could have reached but it doesn't matter to me. That one little girl destroyed me and I told them the next day that we're going back, immediately.”

As a heel Goldberg could have changed the direction of his career and it is always good to see a different side to characters to prevent them from becoming stale. However, Goldberg did what he felt was right for him and maintained his role as a positive role model to his young, impressionable fans.