14-year-old questions top firm CEO (who laid off her dad last year)

Bank Of America Building

Eighth grader holds CEO to account.

There will be something in the mail soon for Bank of America Chairman and Chief Executive Brian Moynihan: a letter from a dissatisfied shareholder, who happens to be in the eighth grade.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Natalie Clarke, 14, came to Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting earlier this month in the bank’s headquarters to ask Moynihan to 'take an honest look' at whether the bank is paying women fairly.

She came last year too, to tell Moynihan that the bank had laid off her dad and to register her discontent with an issue close to the hearts of many shareholders – the dividend.

Miss Clarke is in the eighth grade at a magnet school. Her grandmother gave her some shares before last year’s meeting, and Miss Clarke, who wants to be a lawyer and who devours CNN Student News in class, decided to attend. She wasn’t planning to speak at last year’s meeting, when she was 13, but once Moynihan started talking, 'I got really interested and starting scribbling on a piece of paper what I wanted to say', Miss Clarke said in an interview Thursday evening.

To access the complete Wall Street Journal article hit the link below:

Tough Questions for BofA’s Moynihan From an Unlikely Source

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