Cheeky Cau steaks its restaurant claim to fame

Cau St Kats Dock

the service is almost American in its charm, smiles and gentle informed interruptions ...

Excuse the awful puns. But if you open a restaurant called Cau, which is staffed by Cau girls and Cau boys, and apparently there are plans afoot to lay an artificial lawn in the restaurant ... what do you expect?

Cau is actually the sister restaurant to Gaucho Grill – the most famous of London’s Argentinean steakhouse. However Gaucho is all dark shades of brown and moody - unmistakeably macho and very City. Cau seems to have been designed with women in mind. So out go the brown banquettes and instead are white booths, tables and chairs which are framed by sky and grass depictions on the walls. The Cau girls and boys wear colours instead of City black, and the service is almost American in its charm, smiles and gentle informed interruptions.

Cau St Kats Dock 01

The food is pretty good too. We tried the sharing plates to start. Spanish chorizo and cream cheese empanadas lacked that paprika punch for my tastes, while the spinach ricotta and date version was a little bland. The salt and pepper squid that we chose as an accompaniment was much better with the light dusting of batter enhancing the perfectly cooked squid. Mains were always going to be about steak, and the cut of medallion was a cut I had never tried, but most certainly will again. Rich relatively fat free and melt in your mouth perfect. My chocolate fondant dessert was not as bitter as i would like ,but moreish nevertheless.

The restaurant was full on what was one of the wettest nights of the year, and our Cau girl waitress was charming and knowledgeable. My dining companion found it a refreshing change from the male-dominated steakhouses of the City. I concurred. If i would go as far to say that as a restaurant, it does not have to ‘Cau’ er in Gaucho’s or anyone’s shadow. Excuse the pun.

From * to *****

Wining and dining ***

Boozing and schmoozing ****

Serving and pouring ****

CAU St Katharine Docks , Commodity Quay , London , E1W 1AZ