Jem and the Holograms trailer revealed

Jem & The Holograms

Fan fears confirmed as Universal Pictures unveil first trailer for the 80's cartoon reboot.

In the pantheon of 80's cartoon classics Jem is right up there among the likes of He-Man, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and M.A.S.K. Following the adventures of Jerrica Benton, manager of record label Starlight Music, and her alter ego Jem, lead singer of a mysterious rock band named Jem and the Holograms. Jerrica is enabled to adopt the Jem character with the help of Synergy, a holographic computer that projects the Jem character onto her through her earrings, enabling her to stay incognito. Her band consisted of her sister Kimber along with her adopted sisters Aja and Shana. The series predominantly centered around Jerrica attempting to keep her identity hidden, especially from rival bands The Misfits (no not those ones) and The Stingers, which often ended in physical conflicts and onstage mishaps. Add to all of that a crazy Love triangle between Jerrica's boyfriend Rio, who is having an affair with Jem, and you have the makings of a classic.

Here's the intro to the original.


The series was accompanied by a great 80's Synth Rock soundtrack and some crazy outfits.

Fast forward thirty years, the original first aired in 1985, and Jem is set to return to the screen in a new Live action adaption by Universal Pictures that fans of the cult classic have been both exited by and wary of.

Well, Universal have released the first trailer for the movie and it looks as though the doubters were correct. Gone are the holograms, gone is Jerrica's job as powerful record company owner and gone is the classic Synth Rock and Power Ballads. So what is left? Jerrica is now a shy teenager, recording tunes on her own in her bedroom before her sister leaks one onto Youtube. It becomes popular and they are signed, along with her adopted sisters, to "the biggest record label in the world". Ok so we've already lost the soul of the original but this angle will resonate with today's tweens so it's clever marketing. After being signed Jem loses sight of who she was whilst being manipulated by the record company boss. Gone are the rival bands it seems, now the turmoil is caused by her sisters jealousy and her new found ego. Wait so what remains of the original concept? The name of the characters, the band and a hint to the look remain but that's it apparently. Oh we nearly forgot, we did get introduced to the character of Rio, who now looks like a reject from One Direction.

Alas it seems they haven't even tried to keep the concept of the music, gone are the Synth Rock epics and Power Ballads, replaced by some dreadful X-Factor meets High School Musical tween pop warblings.

Let's hope there's more to this movie than the trailer suggests but alas we fear not.

You can view the tragically bad trailer below.


Jem and the Holograms will be released on 23rd october 2015.


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