Morning after blues: post-election playlists to suit every mood

House Of Commons

What is the mood music of the nation, this post-election morning?

Depends who you voted for, really. With that in mind we have been compiling post-election playlists for supporters of the Tories, the Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP. No science has gone into this – each playlist is a ragbag of emotions, and lyrics are not to be taken as literal comment on each party’s fortunes. Well, not every lyric. And we are not suggesting that these artists are supporters of the relevant parties. While we at the Guardian might wish we could include a certain George Jones song in their playlist – Your Heart Turned Left and I Was on the Right – that was not to be. Perhaps, actually, this might be more apposite. Let us know which songs you would add to each playlist and we’ll update them later.


All right, you won. Again. But I’m afraid we can’t quite bring ourselves to celebrate with you. So you can have your cheering and your crowing, but we’ve also tried to reflect your policy agenda – Poor People Must Work, indeed.


There’s not really any easy way to gloss this one, is there? And the result came as a complete surprise – Guardian Music’s exit poll, albeit one based on a small sample, suggested the House of Commons would contain 500 Labour MPs, and 75 each from the Greens and the SNP. So our mood is resignation and despair. With one piece of uplift: how ironic that D:Ream’s anthem from the 1997 election now sounds completely truthful.

Liberal Democrats

If it was bad for Labour, it was worse for the Lib Dems. It’s possible that every one of their activists is this morning listening to No Fun by the Stooges this morning. And we do rather reflect the despair that must be sweeping party HQ this morning with the choice of music. There’s one special number for Danny Alexander, who lost his seat in Inverness: “Oh Inverness, have you ever actually seen a person die of loneliness?” wonder the Loud Family. We have now.

Scottish National Party

Forgive us our squeezing in of so many Scottish artists, but it seemed apt. And Deep One Perfect Morning seems like the perfect phrase to sum up the Scottish mood this morning. Well, apart from the bit where the people south of the border elected a Tory government. Still, as Nicola Sturgeon might be thinking: “I can see a wide world / For me to tame.”

Here’s a list of some of your post-election playlist choices so far:

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