Green surge alive and kicking: over one million people voted Green

Whilst most of the post-election focus is on the Conservatives, UKIP and the SNP, it is the Greens who have had some big successes.

According to the BBC, The Green party got just under 4% of the vote, up from the 1% they got in 2010. Furthermore, 1,154,562 people voted for them (with 649/650 constituencies counted), up from the 285,616 who voted for them last time around.

Yet the result is the same. The exit poll suggested they would add to their number of MPs by one, but that did not happen. However, their only MP, Caroline Lucas, was voted in once more on an increased majority.

There was a so-called green surge at this election. It was nowhere near to the same extent as the surge in UKIP or SNP support, but their quadrupling of their vote share is an impressive feat.

Some opinion polls, particularly from YouGov, had put the party neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats - and some had even put them ahead - but even though this was not played out on the day the party has risen to remarkable heights, only restricted by the first-past-the-post system, which has weakened UKIP and strengthened the SNP as well.

Writing on Facebook, the Green leader Natalie Bennett, who failed to get a seat, congratulated Caroline Lucas on her success in Brighton.

She also said:

“And to Darren Hall in Bristol West, Gillian Creasy in Sheffield Central, Martin Dobson in Liverpool Riverside and Laura Bannister in Manchester Gorton for finishing second in their seats. (The Green Party has never before done that in a general election.)"

The leader also pointed out that the party kept 100 of their deposits (meaning they got over 5% of the vote in 100 seats), a massive increase on the six the party retained in 2010 - and another sign of the green surge.

The Greens have done remarkably well by quadrupling their vote share and votes. They have a long way to go, but for them it looks as if the future could be a bright one.


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