General election exit poll out - view the results here

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The results are in for the general election's exit poll. Read them here.

 Exit poll results (as said by BBC):

If these are the actual results then it looks as if the country could be on course for another Conservative-Lib Dem coaltion, or even a Conservative minority government.

In 2010, the exit poll was almost spot on, predicting a hung parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party. Furthermore, it predicted the following results: Conservatives 305 seats, Labour 255 seats and Lib Dems 61. The actual results were as follows, showing just how close the poll was: Conservatives 306, Labour 258, Lib Dems 57.

However, polling expert John Curtice has warned that this year's is unlikely to be as accurate, saying to Bloomberg Business that:

"“Don’t be surprised if the headline is very circumspect, which basically means: ‘Who knows?’”

And that:

“Unless the polls are wrong, this is the closest election in 40 years.”


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