Red Dwarf renewed for two more series

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Legendary Sci-Fi comedy to return for another two seasons.

Red Dwarf was one of the biggest comedy series of the '90s and has received cult status around the world for it's intrinsically British humour and self aware plot.

When season ten was released in 2012 many fans were concerned, especially following the widely criticized Back to Earth, which was far from the mark and seemed a little strained. Thankfully though season ten was a return to form and now one of the shows creators Doug Naylor has announced that the show has been commissioned for a further two seasons.

The series will begin shooting at the end of 2015 and will see original cast members Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Brittas Empire) who plays the hologram Arnold Rimmer, Craig Charles (Red Dwarf, Lexx, Coronation Street) as space bum Dave Lister, Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf, Blade II, Labyrinth) as The Cat and Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Mirrormask, Scrapheap Challenge) as the android Kryten.

Further details are unknown at this point but we would love to see the return of the ships computer Holly, played by either Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf, Evil Aliens, Feedback) or Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf, Lexx, Superbob) both of whom were excellent as the bumbling computer, often responsible for the team becoming more lost than they were at the start.

So long as we don't see a return of Listers long term love interest Kristine Kochanski, a character that started as Listers crush and was later changed to be his Ex. In early seasons she appeared as a similar character to Lister, dressed in leather and just as grimey as he was. In season seven the character made a more permanent return after crossing over from an alternate reality. Unfortunately they decided to make her a posh character with little interest in Lister and little resemblance to Kochanski's we had seen in the past.

Either way we can't wait to see the boys from the Dwarf return to our screens but we'll have to wait a while as Season 11 will premier on Dave in the UK in 2016 with Season 12 to air in 2017.

UKTV who own Dave have released a teaser trailer for the two new series on Youtube which you can view below.


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