Spike Lee: watching movies digitally is 'heartbreaking'

The IPhone 5

Spike Lee has spoken out on the gradual shift in how people consume movies during Variety’s Entertainment and Technology conference in New York.

The Oscar nominated writer and director has extolled the virtues of watching films in the cinema.

“I know I’m a dinosaur,” he told an audience, “but there’s something still for me actually being in a movie theatre.” He also went on to describe the importance of watching films with a group of people.

When asked about people watching classic films, such as Star Wars or Apocalypse Now, on their mobile phones, he replied: “I know it’s not a popular view, but as a film-maker — we kill ourselves with editing. With lighting. With sound. It’s heartbreaking.”

His comments follow similar thoughts articulated by Julianne Moore at the recent CinemaCon event in Las Vegas. The actress expressed her dismay at more people watching films at home over the cinema.

“A movie never looks the same on television,” she said. “We work very hard as creators in creating a theatrical experience.”

Despite Lee’s comments about the importance of the cinema, he is currently working on a film for Amazon Prime called Chiraq, a crime drama set in Chicago. The film is set to star Kanye West and Samuel L Jackson.

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